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hey guys, go ahead and unfollow

it’s been great

this goes for Manuel and Anacletos, too

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Likewise, tatlım. And your cooking is delicious. /chews on another, laughter still in her voice/ I cannot wait until your birthday.

Mm.  My birthday?  It is far off still, and I am not overly eager to grow another year older.  I will share in your celebration, for the time being.  /Nibbles at her neck while she eats, smiling against her skin/  My cooking is not the only thing that is delicious.


You really have no idea? /rolls her eyes, not convinced for a second/ Talk is cheap. I may as well just show you.



/Also bursts into a fit of giggles shortly after, laughing louder than she has in a very long time before finally managing to catch her breath/

You make me so happy, Samila.  /Beams/


And you were telling me you would do so anyway. I might as well make sure you get something I can make practical use of. /eeeek =u=/

Yes, I admit it. /laughs and sticks out her tongue, licking up the treat and giving her a playful wink/ And I will hold you to that Mirela. In fact, I can think of something that may even be sweeter than your desserts, should you be kind enough to let me indulge in that as well.

Good point.  You will be bristling with weapons by the time I get done with you.  Even more so than usual.

Oh?  /Chuckles, softly tracing the contours of her lips with a fingertip/  And what is that, sevgilim?  Everything I have belongs to you.  In fact, I might change my name to Samilakulu.  /Snickers/


I will never lie to you. But I do like the sound of more sharp, metallic gifts.

I want only to spend the day with people I love. /takes the pastry in her mouth and chews it happily, reaching over to tweak her nose/ Seni seviyorum, Mirela. Do you see? You’ve made my dream come true.

And just a few minutes ago you were telling me to save my money.  Interesting, that you should change your tune.  /Giggles/

/Blows a raspberry and rubs their noses together/  I love you more than anyone else in this world.  /Holds up another pastry, wiggling it between her fingers/  You have quite the sweet tooth.  It is my pleasure to indulge it whenever I can.

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/you’re nice to me because you love me that’s all that matters =u=



Hush. I love your gifts, all of them. Just give me a while to accustom myself to wearing something so…aromatic. /puts the bottle in her pocket c:/

Mirela. /shakes her head in exaggerated disappointment and drags her over to the table, pulling her in close and pressing a long kiss to her lips/ Don’t tell me you’ve fallen for my teasing? I thought I was transparent, as you once put it. My true intentions should be obvious.

There is no need to lie to me.  I will get you something else later.  Something sharp and made of metal, perhaps.

/Returns the kiss warmly before pulling away, still pouting/  Emotions have a tendency to cloud my judgement.  That is why I try to avoid them.  Simply tell me what you want, and I will give it to you.  /Offers her a dough ball rolled in sugar, holding it up so she can take a bite/

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/grimaces but stays obediently still, trying not to gag on the strong fragrance/ If this is what beauty calls for, I no longer want it. /eyes the perfume, for a second tempted to turn the bottle up and dump it on her head but resisting the urge/ -__-

Dinner? Why yes, that is just what I had in mind. What did you think I was referring to? /presses a chaste kiss to her forehead and casually prances off to the kitchen/

/Frowns, very much disheartened/  …I apologize.  /Sets the bottle down, similarly resisting the urge to fling it across the room/

/Blinks/  Oh.  Yes.  /Follows after, waving to where a platter of various pastries waits/  I made  you something sweet, as I promised.

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/yes telepathy Ax lent it to me c:

/you are not a blue alien


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